Kulinarisches im Sommer 2021
Im Juli und August bieten wir Abendessen an fünf von sieben Tagen an (alle Tage ausser Dienstag und Donnerstag.

Kulinarisches im Sommer 2020
Bei Schönwetter im Hanslmanngarten:

Montags: Steckerlfisch
Mittwochs: gepimpte Bauernjause
Freitags: Pizza de Michele, Pizzabäcker aus Italien
Samstags: Bergsimonin und Hanslmannin traditionelle oberösterreichische Bioküche

Schönes Gelage 2019

At fair weather Friday and Saturday in the garden of Hanslmann at the following dates in August:

1.8 and 2.8.
7.8 and 8.8
15.8 and 16.8

Fit with Hanslmann 2019
In July and August we will have Yoga sessions three times a week and "Fit with Lois - working out with the senior boss", in our seminar room or in our garden!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
10.8. 8-9 und 11.8. 19-20 Uhr
23.8. 19-20  und 24.8. 8-9 Uhr
30.8. 19-20 und 31.8. 8-9 Uhr
Schönes Gelage

At fair weather from Fri-Sun in the garden of Hanslmann:
July 13-15
July 27-29
August 10-15
August 24-26

einsundeins deluxe are Christoph Fink and Christian Mezera. They love good food. They have many new ideas. They love cooking. And they like to share their passion with guests.
Drawing course with Gerhard Haderer
in the Hanslmann garden

September 15 2018
Events 2016
We are still in the middle of planning this summer's series of events "The Simple Life" from September 23 to 25!
Just one great event we can announce in advance: There will be another drawing course with Gerhard Haderer.
YOGA summer week 2015
Yoga week at the Attersee 2015
Sunday, August 23 - Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yoga CANTIENICA® with Elisabeth Kirchmair

Link to the programm
Das Gute Leben
June 4 – 6, 2015
Steinbach, Attersee

We would be happy to welcome you to the event at Hanslmann "The Good Life".

Bruno 2014

Events and dates:

Attersee: Attwenger live
June 21, 8 pm, Open Air at Freizeitzentrum Steinbach

Dancing Workshop with Doris Uhlich
July, 11 and 12, (2 x 2h workshop), Steinbach am Attersee

Reading Vea Kaiser
July 12, Frühstückspension Hanslmann, Steinbach

Drawing Workshop with Gerhard Haderer
July 25, Meeting at parking lot of Frühstückspension Hanslmann, Steinbach

Traditional European Medicine Workshop
August 23 and 24, different locations around the Attersee

Building your own furniture with carpenter Christine Pichler-Prix
August 25 and 26, Organic farm and wood-workshop Pichler-Prix, Steinbach

"Bauernkrapfen rausbacken"
various dates, Natural preserve, Attersee-Traunsee, Steinbach

Echo-Experiment at Taferlklaussee
various dates, Taferlklaussee
YOGA summer week 2014
Yoga week at the Attersee 2014
Sunday, August 24 - Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yoga CANTIENICA® with Elisabeth Kirchmair

Link to the programm
YOGA summer week
Yoga week at the Attersee 2013
Sunday, August 25 - Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yoga CANTIENICA® with Elisabeth Kirchmair

Link to the programm
Kochevent with Feldküche
August 3, 2013
Three-day summer festival with readings, concerts, DJs and good food.

17th to 19th of August 2012
Photos 2011
Three-day summer festival with readings, concerts, DJs and good food.